Deposit and Withdrawal Policy

Maduro invest Trading in any investment opportunity that may generate profit requires Maduro invest clients to deposit money on their online accounts. Profits may be withdrawn from the online account.


Deposit to Maduro invest should be made from a source (e.g. bank account, credit/debit card, etc.).

The client should provide card/bank account ownership confirmation to avoid payments from 3rd parties.

For example, if the client wants to deposit using the card, the card scan copy or card photo should be provided (read more about verification and AML policy). If the client doesn’t comply with this policy, the deposit can be rejected.

Please note that the client’s account can be deposited with an amount different from what was sent because of the commission. The Company does not charge any commission it can be charged by a payment system or bank. Please, find out more about commission on the deposit/withdraw page.


According to generally acceptable AML rules and regulations, clients should withdraw funds only through the same bank account or credit/debit card or FIAT account that was used to deposit the funds and the same currency.

In addition, when you deposit or withdraw money for trading purposes using FIAT, you should be aware that additional fees and restrictions may apply.

Without derogating the foregoing, Maduro invest may execute withdrawals to a different facility than the one used for the deposit, subject to Anti Money-Laundering regulations.

Additional information and documents may be required to be present from the client during the withdrawal process.

  • A copy of your valid passport with the signature page
  • Copies of your credit cards used to make the deposit (Color copy of Credit Card used to fund trading account (Please show on the front the first 6 digits, the last 4 digits, name, and expiration date. From the back please cover the CVV code and show the signature)).
  • A copy of a recent utility bill in your name and address

How do I know my documents are safe with you?

Maduro invest holds the security of documentation at the highest priority and treats all documents it receives with utmost respect and confidentiality. All files we obtain are fully protected using the highest level possible encryption at every step of the review process.

We thank you for your cooperation in helping us make Maduro invest a safer place to trade.

Non-Deposited Funds

Funds appearing on the Clients’ account may include agreed or voluntary bonuses or any other sums not directly deposited by the Client or gained from trading on account of actually deposited funds (“Non-Deposited Funds”).

Maduro invest may provide bonuses, which can be used according to the Trader Agreement. All bonus funds fully belong to the broker and are considered as Non-Deposited (credited) Funds and can be canceled at any time.

Withdrawing process

To withdraw your funds you should follow several steps and rules below:

  • Log in to your personal account.
  • Click on withdraw option and withdraw your funds from the trading account to the Bank Account.
  • After the processing of the internal transfer is done, you can apply for the withdrawal.
  • Open withdraw funds tab and fill out the fields.
  • If additional documents are required, we contact you within one working day.
  • When there are two or more active details, the withdrawal is carried out on any of the selected details in proportion to deposits.
  • Withdrawing funds to bank accounts is possible only after depositing money through a bank.
  • The Company does not charge any commission. Commission based on the beneficiary’s bank.

Refund and Return Policy

Maduro invest provides clients with a clear and transparent refund policy. In case you are not satisfied with our service level and in case you did not make trading, investing or conversion transactions, you can request a refund. We offer 100% refunds within 1 working day of the original service deposit. Your request will be reviewed within 5 business days. After one day, your deposit will no longer be refundable.

When you become a client of Maduro invest, you agree not to request a refund or chargeback from your payment method provider at any time while or after using our services. Please note, that profits or losses received as a result of your trading activity cannot be subject to a refund request. The refund should be made only to the payment system/card client used to deposit.

If the origins of your funds and/or your whole activities are contrary to our Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML policy) we reserve unilateral rights to cancel transferring of funds (deposit or withdraw) and freeze the assets to refund them back.

Kindly ask you to contact us if you have any issues related to our services.